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I raise Savanna, Boer, Savanna Boer cross (SABO X) breed, Spanish, Spanish Trepet, and Miyotonic breed goats. 


Savanna's are premier meat goats; they produce delicious, mild-tasting meat. While they resemble their Boer cousins, Savannas are hardier.  That makes them ideal goats for low maintenance and for crossing with Boers. 


My Savanna's are really improving the Boer goat line which I also have for easy kidding.  They are more vigorous at birth and catch up on weight by one month to a heavier kid at birth.  I am going to incorporate the Spanish goat bloodline to help in this growth.  In Montana, they live very well on grass, weeds and raise almost 1.9 kids a year.


Does are kept to improve the heard so they can be sold as Pedigree stock.  The Pedigree stock would pertain to customers who want to start their own herd.

Goat Background:

Savanna goats were developed by an agricultural and stock farming community in the North Cape province of South Africa, around 1957.  Savanna goats came to Canada, in 1994, along with the first Boers imported to North America.


The Boer goat was developed in South America, in the early 1900s, for meat production.  They were selected for meat rather than milk production. The Boer goat has a fast growth rate and that makes it one of the most popular breeds of goat meat in the world.

Full-blood Savanna Buck

Arlene's Goats

"Boundless Kid Farm"





Five savanna buck goats.

My best doe.